We are a fresh, creative and flexible content and online video partner infected by De Mensen.

Building on our extensive experience, we produce highly contagious content for every platform.

We are The Virus

A fresh, creative and flexible content and online video partner for companies, advertising agencies, pr bureaus and government institutions.

We are infected by De Mensen, an industry-leading production company specialising in high quality audiovisual content for both television and film.

Building on our extensive experience with television, advertising campaigns, cinema and online media, we bridge the gap between traditional and new media.

Our award-winning team creates subtle and highly contagious content for every client and every platform. We carefully blend creativity with experience, building on the inspiration of both accomplished storytellers and talented newcomers.

Our continuous effort to grow and our deep commitment to going the extra mile makes us a fresh and flexible partner for all your online video and marketing needs.

Who are you?
And what can we do for you?

Welcome agency!
We are an unequalled production partner, large enough to move fast, yet refined enough to deliver visually stunning content. Building on our experienced and reputed workforce here at De Mensen, we can support you in the creative thought-process and help you optimize the (digital) strategy of your stories and pitches. Moreover, we guarantee a very high production value and a top-notch execution of all your audiovisual projects. In function of your needs we also collaborate with our strategic partners (i.e. Digital Leader, OMCollective) for media buying, social media management, etc ...
So you work for the government, welcome! 
You can count on our in-house creative teams that make Belgium’s most famous TV programs to provide you with the greatest possible value for money. We offer more than a regular production company, as we specialize in the strategic analysis of your audiovisual campaigns and apply a holistic approach to storytelling. Count on us for made-to-measure cutting-edge ideas that translate into beautiful films and remarkable online content. We offer a dedicated production team, an experienced film crew and a unique insight in the latest (digital) trends. Also, we gladly go the extra mile to guarantee your success. 
If you are a brand, you know the importance of video as a direct marketing tool.
As a full-service audiovisual production company, we will get you ahead of the competition by creating films and (digital) marcom campaigns that get people talking. We always start with a (digitally) strategic analysis of your needs and the market you operate in. Based on those objective facts and figures, we come up with highly contagious ideas for which we promise a flawless execution. We also collaborate with strategic partners such as Digital Leader and OMCollective, e.g. for media buying and social media management. Whether you need a single film, or an entire social media campaign, you'll find us to be a fresh and trustworthy partner empowered by a renowned industry-leading TV company. Let us exceed your expectations with our premium content and our talent for storytelling.
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